Baltimore-Washington International Airport Parking Guide

The “city of neighborhoods,” Baltimore is one of the oldest cities in the country, and along with her neighbor, Washington D.C.; is one of the most populous metropolitan regions across the entire United States. Boasting one of the busiest sea-ports in the Atlantic, the city and its greater metropolitan area is served by three major international airports; with Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport being the largest and the busiest airport across the Maryland district. Located just nine miles south of downtown Baltimore and 30 miles north-east to Washington D.C.; the airport is a hub to some of the largest airlines in the country, as well as serving as a tertiary airport to Harrisburg and Philadelphia metropolitan regions. Operating since 1950; the airport currently serves passengers across the world, including the United Kingdom, Mexico, Iceland, and Canada; as well as to multiple domestic locations.

Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport currently operates five concourses designated from A to E; with each terminal servicing various airlines; as well as having amenities such as food and beverages sections, lounges and other facilities.

  • Concourse A and B: The two concourses have 25 gates in total, and are used to service Southwest Airlines.
  • Concourse C: Concourse C has fourteen gates, and is used by American Airlines and Southwest Airlines.
  • Concourse D: Concourse D has twenty-four gates, which currently serve a variety of airlines including Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue and Contour Airlines amongst many others. Besides, the concourse is also used to serve small regional and private planes.
  • Concourse E: Concourse E is the international terminal, and serves British Airways, Condor, IcelandAir, and WOW Air. The terminal is also used for chartered airline services. Furthermore, it hosts an Air Mobility Command post to service active military personnel to military bases in Europe and Turkey.

Boston-Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport has a plethora of parking options for motorists, with a variety of options available for both on-airport parking as well as off-site parking.


Parking at BWI Airport

The Boston-Washington International Airport features various parking options including Hourly Garage, Valet, Daily Garage, Express Parking and Long Term Parking. For dropping off passengers or picking up someone, the Hourly Garage is closest to all the terminals, with an additional Cell Phone Lot for those waiting for a phone call from arriving passengers. Furthermore, drivers also have the option to choose from a variety of off-site parking garages near the airport. The prices for BWI Airport Parking range from as low as $4 per hour to $30 per day for valet services.

Short Term Parking Options

Hourly Parking

The Hourly Parking Garage is closest to the terminals and concourses, and offer direct connectivity to the terminals through elevators, skywalks, and tunnels. The garage features Smart Park technology allowing drivers to be directed automatically to an open space using light cues. The garage has easy access to I-195 and is the best option for picking up or dropping off someone at the airport.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking is available at the 5th floor of the Hourly Parking Garage near Tower B. The services include express valet entrance and exit lanes, complimentary services including window-cleaning and vacuuming as well as charging for electric vehicles and luggage assistance.

Read below for short-term parking rates at BWI Airport:

Hourly Parking Garage Rate
Per Hour $4
Valet Services Rate
0 to 60 minutes $8
1 hour to 2 hours $16
2 hour to 3 hours $24


Overnight Parking Options

Express Parking

Express Parking provides one of the best value-for-money solutions for frequent travelers at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport. It offers personalized services including comfortable shuttle bus services directly from the parking lot, along with luggage assistance. The Express Parking lot is located across from the Hourly Parking Garage at Terminal Road and Scott Drive. The nearest exit from the freeway is 1-A.

Daily Garage

The Daily Garage is perfect for flyers who want to avail overnight parking solutions near the airport. The garage features thousands of covered spots protecting your vehicle from the adverse weather, and the integrated Smart Park technology allocates parking spots automatically, with lighting cues helping you to navigate to your parking spot easily. The spot provides frequent shuttle service which runs seven days a week, 24 hours a day; letting you easily access the airport terminals. Also, the daily garage also features an electric vehicle charging stations at select parking slots. The Daily Garage is located opposite the Express Parking lot, off I-195 on Terminal Road and Scott Drive. The easiest way to access the garage is to take the exit 1-A from a freeway, turning right on to Terminal Road and then left on to Scott Drive.

Long Term Parking

One of the most economical BWI Airport parking solutions with over 10,000 spaces, built for both business and leisure travelers; the Long Term Parking solutions on airport property is perfect for frequent flyers. The surface parking lots consist of two lots, A and B, with Shuttle Stops positioned throughout the lots. The lots are serviced by shuttles operating at a frequency of 5 to 10 minutes every day. Long Term Parking is placed off Aviation Boulevard between S. Camp Meade Road and Andover Road.

Read below of overnight parking rates at BWI Airport Parking Lots:

Express Parking Rate
Per Day $10
Daily Garage Rate
Per Day $12
Long Term Parking Rate
Per Day $8



Official hourly parking map of BWI

BWI Airport Parking

How to Travel to Boston-Washington Internation Airport

Passengers to Boston-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport can avail a variety of services to reach the airport; both from Baltimore as well as from Washington D.C. Shuttles operate from Eastern Shore and Western Maryland, as well as Central and Western Maryland. Also, bus services run between the airport and Greenbelt states of the Washington Metro. The Maryland Transit Administration operates buses between BWI and Patapsco Light Rail Stop and Downtown Baltimore. BWI is connected via shuttles to the Amtrak Northeast Corridor.

Other modes of transportation include numerous ride-sharing services that operate within Maryland. According to a study published by SpotHero, it has been found that it is cheaper to drive and park at the airport for 75% of the time; and for larger vehicles like SUVs, it is cheaper to avail the parking options at the airport or one of the numerous off-site parking sites for approximately 9 out of 10 cars.


BWI Parking Resources, Discounts and Coupons

While availing parking at the airport parking slots can be expensive, if the vehicle is being parked for several days, here are some ideas that will help you find the best rates, discounts, and coupons to make parking affordable and safer. provides an easy way to find, reserve and pay for parking across the United States. connects the inventory of parking slots from vendors near BWI Airport with drivers and provides excess inventory from parking vendors at a discounted rate. Their services can be accessed over the web; as well as from apps for both iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Off-Site BWI Long-Term Parking Solutions

Various organizations are operating around Fort Lauderdale providing parking services, as well as shuttle and luggage assistance for passengers.

Econopark Express

Located just under 4 miles away, the complimentary shuttle will have you at the terminal within minutes. This fenced lot is secure and offers luggage service, as well as complimentary bottled water. You have the option of self-parking or valet.


Situated just 2 miles from the airport, the shuttle will get you there in just the wink of an eye. This secured lot offers complimentary ChargePoint EV Stations, luggage assistance, and newspaper, as well as a free car to terminal shuttle service.

ParkingSpot Baltimore

Located about 4 miles and a 10-minute shuttle ride away, theParkingSpot is a great location for those traveling to BWI. They offer secured parking, a shuttle that runs every 5-7 minutes, and sometimes provide rate specials as low as $9 per day.


Baltimore-Washington Airport Hotel Parking and Shuttle Service

In addition to off-site parking lots, hotels around the BWI Airport also provide parking services as part of their packages. These packages, known colloquially as Park, Stay and Fly ensure a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience. These hotel deals offer overnight packages to stay at the hotel the previous night and take complimentary shuttles to the airport while availing the hotel parking facilities. To ensure availability and rates, do call the hotel ahead of time; since rates are subject to change depending on the availability of rooms and parking spots.

The Westin Baltimore Washington Airport
1110 Old Elkridge Landing Road
Distance from BWI: 2.9 miles
Phone Number: 443-577-2300
Daily Rate: $6.95

Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport
1739 West Nursery Road
Distance from BWI: 2.4 miles
Phone Number: 410-694-0808
Daily Rate: $12.00

Best Western PLUS BWI Airport
6755 Dorsey Road
Distance from BWI: 7 miles
Phone Number: 410-796-3300
Daily Rate: $5.00

Red Roof Inn – BWI Airport
875 Elkridge Landing Road
Distance from BWI: 1.8 miles
Phone Number: 410-850-7600
Daily Rate: $2.00

Holiday Inn Express & Suites – BWI Airport North
1510 Aero Drive
Distance from BWI: 1.5 miles
Phone Number: 888-360-2900
Daily Rate: $2.00

Country Inn & Suites

1717 W. Nursery Road Distance from BWI: 1.2 miles Phone Number: 443-577-1037 Daily Rate: $8.00


Airport Parking Tips at BWI Airport

  • It is suggested to take note of the parking space number which is engraved or painted on the pavement next to every parking space.
  • If using the Long Term Parking, take note of the parking lot and bus stop number; to easily locate your vehicle.
  • If flying Southwest Airlines, park on the right side of the Hourly Garage, which is closest to the Southwest Airlines gates on Concourse A and B
  • The Airport provides car assistance in case of breakdowns such as a flat tire or dead battery.

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