Charlotte Douglas International (CLT) Airport Parking Guide

The Charlotte Douglas Airport servicing Charlotte, a region in the North Carolina, is a joint civil-military public airport that leads to both international and foreign locations – 175 foreign as well as domestic locations.

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport Parking, servicing this busy airport,  was expanded in 2015. Since then, CLT Airport Parking has created a new hourly parking deck as well as a rental car facility. CLT parking now gives you the chance to park your vehicle at various places in the airport. You also have the option of turning to CLT parking lots and garages near the airport.

In this guide, you will find information on the best CLT parking options near the airport.  This guide brings together for you everything you need to know about CLT airport parking rates, a map of the area, general tips and advice, and links to useful resources.

Important Information about Charlotte Douglas International Airport Parking

Address: 5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28208
Airport Parking Contact Number(704)359-4038
Number of CLT Airport Parking Options: 7 (6 on-airport, 1 off-site airport)


There are two primary kinds of parking that you can use to park your car at or near the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Short –Term Parking

CLT airport parking costs come in a wide variety of ranges. Short-term CLT airport parking is perfect for anyone who needs a parking space for only a little while. It is ideal for people dropping someone off or picking someone up, or someone who needs to park for a few hours. The Hourly Parking Deck, where you are charged on hourly rates would be perfect for you.

There are Daily rates when it comes to placing your vehicle in the Charlotte Airport Parking. These are perfect for anyone who wants to park their car at the airport either overnight or longer. All the CLT parking spots are available near the terminals. To the North of the entrance of the Charlotte Douglas Airport terminal entrance, you will find the Hourly Parking Deck and the Daily Parking Garages.

Hourly Parking (Hourly Parking Deck) Rate 
Hours Free
Every 30 minutes after the 1st hour $1
Maximum daily rate $20

Long-term Parking

If you find yourself needing a space to park your vehicle either overnight or for a more extended period, then CLT Parking services have options for you. You can look for a CLT parking option that has daily rates – these are more expensive than the short term rates. However, these are the best options in CLT parking for people that find themselves having to park their vehicle at the airport for more extended periods. There are various options that you could explore when it comes to using long-term parking options.

Charlotte Douglas Airport Parking provides five options for long-term CLT parking. These include the Daily North Lot, the Daily Decks (East and West), the Business Valet Dock, Curbside Valet, and Long Term Parking Lots (1-4). Just north of the Hourly Parking Deck, you will find the long term parking lots, the Daily Decks. The parking lots are just a short walk away from the terminal entrance. However, a complimentary shuttle could also take you to your destination.

There are Long Term CLT Parking Lots north of the Daily Decks that offer complimentary shuttle service as well. If you prefer a valet service, then the Business Valet Deck is the most economical choice, providing complimentary shuttle service and other amenities. Other services included in this CLT Parking option are car washes and NC state auto inspections.

The Curbside Valet is a service that is available between 5 a.m. – 11 p.m. It offers a complimentary luggage service, as well as the same amenities as the Business Valet service.


Daily Parking (East and West Daily Decks) Rate
Per Day $10
Daily North Lot Rate
Per Day $8
Long Term Lots (1-4) Rate
Per Day $5
Business Valet Deck Rate
Per Day $14
Curbside Valet Rate
Per Day $28


Official Charlotte Douglas International Airport Parking Map

charlotte douglas airport parking

Discounts, coupons, and other CLT parking resources:

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is one of the more expensive Charlotte parking options. The amount you would be paying could become exorbitant if you need a parking space for a longer period of time, such as several days.

Instead, use these resources to help you find the best rates, offers, discounts, and coupons that can make travel more affordable and comfortable for you.

Official Airport Parking Page

The official Charlotte Douglas International Airport Parking information can be found on the airport’s website. Here, you can find all the official information related to the airport as well. You can locate CLT parking rates, live availability as well as news and other information. The airport site links to information on and about the airport, such as flight details, arrival and departure times, delays, passengers and others.



FlySmart gives you the option of having your very own airport concierge, and right in the palm of your hands too. You have access to real-time flight information and CLT parking lot availability. Available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, the app also offers other functionalities like itinerary management.


Charlotte Airport Parking Companies near the Airport


Park ‘N Go

A 24/7 available CLT parking option, this is one of the best places near the airport. With rates starting at $5.50 a day, they offer free shuttle service and luggage assistance. You can book in advance and then choose whether you want to pay online or at the lot. Travelers also love the Charlotte Douglas Airport Parking Park N’ Go company for their welcoming employees and friendly atmosphere. Parking your car in the Park N’ Go can also be more accessible than finding a place in the CLT airport parking If you are someone that prefers to book advance and forget about all the hassles of looking for a CLT parking space, then this is the option for you.


Charlotte Airport Hotel Parking

More and more people are discovering the advantages and luxury that a Park, Stay, and Fly package can offer.

You can check-in to your hotel, spend the night, and then take the complimentary shuttle to the airport. Leaving your car parked at the hotel is another added advantage of using this CLT parking option. The following hotels offer Park, Stay, and Fly packages, along with complimentary shuttle rides to the airport.

The Park, Stay and Fly packages offer quality, comfortable stay before your flight and a guarantee that you will not miss your plane – thanks to the complimentary shuttle service many of these hotels provide. Availability and rates are subject to change, so you should always call ahead to confirm all details.

  • Hampton Inn & Suites Charlotte-Airport
    Address:2731 Little Rock Road
    Charlotte, NC 28214
    Phone: 704-394-6455
    Distance to CLT:27 miles
  • Hilton Garden Inn Charlotte Airport
    Address:2400 Cascade Pointe Boulevard
    Charlotte, NC 28208
    Phone: 704-790-7000
    Distance to CLT: 2.47 miles
  • Econo Lodge and Suites Charlotte Airport
    3415 Queen City Drive
    Charlotte, NC 28208
    Distance to CLT:6 miles
  • Homewood Suites Charlotte Airport
    Address:2770 Yorkmont Road
    Charlotte, NC 28208
    Phone: 704-357-0500
    Distance to CLT:48 miles

Tips and Advice for Charlotte Douglas Airport Parking

  • Take note of when you are traveling: Charlotte Douglas Airport Parking offers fantastic rates for both short term and long term parking. You may find it tempting to opt for the least expensive CLT parking lots (Long Term CLT Parking Lots 1-4). However, there are some details that you need to take into consideration. What if you need the CLT parking space during a holiday when the lots will be jam-packed and full? Are you in a rush? If it is a busy time when everyone is traveling – like Christmas – you may want to consider either paying for one of the slightly more expensive options or using the off-airport CLT parking That way you ensure that you will have a parking space.
  • Take advantage of the long-term parking lots: The Long Term lots are significant in that they are affordable and you are more likely to find a space with the expensive CLT parking But you should ensure that you have time to search for a spot and find a way to locate later wherein the CLT airport parking lot your vehicle is in. The Charlotte Douglas Airport Parking maps are humongous, and it may be difficult to find your truck later unless you know where it is, or leave a marker for yourself.
  • Take advantage of the interactive parking map: You can also browse through our interactive parking map located at the bottom of the airport’s official page. That way you can find useful Charlotte Douglas International Airport Parking information before you head to the airport. By doing this, you can find out in advance which lots are already full and which CLT parking lots are available for you to use. Find the interactive parking map down below.


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