Differences Between Short Term and Long Term Airport Parking

Airport parking can be a bit of a snag unless you know the distinction between short term airport parking and long term airport parking. Here’s everything you need to know about the kind of airport parking that suits your requirements.

 Long term airport parking: Long term airport parking is chosen when you’re out of the city for a week or more and need to safely park your car in a lot during the time. LAX airport parking, SFO airport parking and nearly every other airport offer long term airport parking. Long term parking lots aren’t called satellite parking lots for no reason. They’re mostly located far off from the airport and you’ll have to factor in shuttling to and from the airport.

Long term airport parking is much cheaper and cost-effective than short term airport parking. JFK long term parking costs merely $18 per day whereas for half an hour of short term parking, you would be spending $4. Basically, couple of hours of short term parking costs as much or more than a day’s cost in long term parking if you do the math.

 Short term airport parking: Short term airport parking is usually chosen when you’re away for less than a week’s time and need to park your car at the airport parking lot. If you’re picking up or dropping off someone at the airport, this is the parking you can use.

Short term airport parking is pricier than long term airport parking when you compare the cost per day. So if you’re planning to leave your vehicle overnight at the airport you might end up paying more than the cost per day for long term parking. LAX airport parking, SFO airport parking and all other airports offer short term airport parking.

Long term airport parking is your best choice if you’re looking to reduce parking cost. However, if you’ll be in and out of the airport in a jiffy, go for the short term airport parking.


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