Honolulu (HNL) International Airport Parking Guide

Honolulu Airport can be found on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. In fact, it is located about three miles to the northwest of Oahu’s central business district. It is also the busiest airport you’ll find in Hawaii for the simple reason that it connects to all of the Hawaiian islands.

There are plenty of options when it comes to affordable parking at the Honolulu International Airport. In total, there are four on-airport parking options. In addition to this, there are a couple of garages as well as off-site lots which can be found quite near to the airport. Honolulu Airport Parking is safe as well as affordable.

Many Americans miss their flights due to bad planning. Missing a flight is a costly mistake which can be easily avoided. All airlines advise travelers to be at the airport at least two hours earlier than their flight is scheduled for domestic flights. Similarly, for international flights, they advise travelers to be at the airport at least three hours earlier than their flight is scheduled. It isn’t fun sitting in a terminal waiting to board a flight. However, the alternative of missing a flight and having to book another for inflated rates is even worse.

Most flights are missed due to various factors such as traffic, parking, long queues, holidays and so on. Lack of space isn’t an issue when it comes to parking. The issue that arises is that airports are large places with multiple parking lots. Many people are unfamiliar with all of the different options available as well as where all of the different parking lots are. In addition to parking woes, many people do not account for the large crowds that show up at airports during holidays such as Labor Day, Thanksgiving and so on. Long queues are also the reason as to why plenty of frustrated passengers are denied to board a flight. Entering an airport doesn’t give you the right to board a plane. There are queues which can last for longer than an hour. Couple this with customs which usually takes 45 minutes, and you’re looking at two hours to board a flight. When you add the time people spend to find parking spots in airports, you can quickly see why airlines advise passengers to come to the airport at least three hours before international flights.

In addition to all of the above, it isn’t uncommon for people to get into arguments which can eat away the precious time before a flight. Airports are stressful places. Every employee in an airport is working around a strict schedule and will not shift their schedule just because a person has arrived late for a flight. Finally, arriving late for a flight is irresponsible because it puts additional stress on the airline as well as the other passengers to accommodate you.

This article has been curated to help you find the best parking option depending on your situation. Parking rates, details on long as well as short-term options, maps, tips, and links to other resources are all included in this article.


HNL Quick Facts:

 Address: 300 Rodgers Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96819
Airport Parking Contact Number: (808) 861-1260
Number of Airport Parking Options: 6 (4 on-airport, 2 off-site)


Honolulu Airport Parking Rates & Options

 Prices for parking at the Honolulu International Airport range from $1 for 30 minutes of parking to $12 per day in the Economy Parking Lot. Have a look below for a full set of short as well as long-term parking options and prices at the Honolulu International Airport.


Short-Term Parking HNL

 There are Hourly as well as Daily Parking areas available at the Honolulu International Airport which can be found near the terminals. The parking at HNL is very easy to navigate around and to. You can find Lot D near the Overseas Terminal. In fact, Lot D is also known as the Overseas Parking Garage. If you’re looking for Interisland Terminal Parking, you should head over to Lot M which is connected to the Commuter Terminal. Finally, Lot A, which is also known as the International Parking Garage, can be found in between Lot M and D.

The majority of people who come to the Honolulu International Airport drive over to pick someone up or drop them off. For these people, the Cell Phone Lot would work best. However, if you’re looking for overnight parking, you should check out the Economy Parking as well as the Daily Parking areas for the best deals. Have a look below at the rates for short-term parking.

Hourly Parking (Lots A, D, and M) Rate
0-15 minutes Free
16-30 minutes $1
30-60 minutes $3
1-2 hours $5
2-3 hours $7
3-4 hours $9
4-5 hours $14
5-6 hours $18
24 hours maximum $18


Long-Term Parking HNL

 At Honolulu Airport, there are four options for people interested in long-term parking. People interested in an International Parking Garage should check out Lot A. By the same token, people looking for an Overseas Parking Garage should head to Lot D. Similarly, Lot B is for Economy Parking. Finally, Lot M is for the Interisland Terminal. You can find the Economy Parking Lot near the Commuter Terminal.

Daily Parking (Lots A, D, and M) Rate
15-30 minutes $1
30-60 minutes $2
Each additional hour $2
Per day maximum $15
Economy Parking (Lot B) Rate
Per Day $12
Motorcycle Parking Rate
Every 2 hours $1
Per day maximum $5
Monthly parking $50




Official Parking Map for HNL

HNL Parking


HNL Parking Resources, Discounts, and Coupons


Have a look at these ideas so that you can find the best rates, discounts as well as coupons to make parking more affordable.

Official Airport Parking Page

Find official airport information like rates and news over here. The airport site links to information on the airport, flights, and passengers.

About Airport Parking

About Airport Parking is an easy-to-use airport parking search engine and app which lets you compare rates on available airport parking. How it works is- you choosing your airport and entering the time during which you will need to park. You will then receive a list of results which will be sorted by price. Furthermore, you can choose other options such as valet or self-park and also opt for additional services, such as car wash and mechanical services.


FlySmart is similar to having your own personal airport concierge. You gain access to real-time flight information and parking lot availability. The app also includes other functionalities, such as itinerary management. This app is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.


Honolulu Airport Parking Companies Near the Airport


Oahu Airport Express

Oahu Airport Express serves as Honolulu airport’s shuttle service to and from the airport. The shuttle serves a wide area of the island and promises little waiting time.

Park Air Express Honolulu

Located just five minutes from HNL, Park Air Express offers Honolulu airport parking off-site as a discounted alternative. Complimentary shuttle service is also offered for the convenience of the passengers.


Honolulu Airport Parking Tips


  • Lots M and D typically fill up between 8 am and 2 pm on holiday weekends. Once this happens, drivers may park in the International (A) parking garage.
  • HNL offers monthly parking on the fourth floor of the Interisland Terminal Parking Garage for $300 per month. Call ABM Parking Services at (808) 861-1260 for more information.
  • Electrical Vehicle Parking is available on levels 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of the International Parking Garage. It costs $7 per day.
  • Most hotels near the Honolulu International Airport offer shuttle service to and from your hotel. To confirm, call the hotel you’ll be staying with.


You can save yourself a lot of time, money as well as arrive at your destination on time by doing your research. Parking isn’t the same at every airport. There isn’t a set format in place for airports to follow. While you might be comfortable in your home country’s airport after having traveled from there many times, you might not be familiar with your host country’s airport. Make sure you account for traffic as well as parking when it comes to planning for your flight. In addition to this, many airlines deny passengers the right to board the plane even if the passengers were waiting in a long queue. This is why airlines advise passengers to arrive at the airport so early. The airline cannot do anything to speed customs up. Customs checking takes 45 minutes on average. Accounting for all of this isn’t easy which is why you should never be late for a flight. It’s never a bad thing to call in advance to make an inquiry about the parking situation at any airport. Calling in advance can and will save you from plenty of headaches that may arise out of ‘parking situations.’

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