Houston Hobby (HOU) Airport Parking Guide

The Houston Hobby Airport services are located approximately seven miles south of downtown Houston. When compared to the Houston International Airport, it is the smaller of the two.

Travelling can be a very hectic experience, so getting to an airport with your car can make the experience more convenient, as you can carry your luggage to and from the airport with ease and without the hassle.

To fully access this option, you will be pleased to know that there are many parking services available at the Houston Hobby Airport. The parking options that are available are quite convenient, accessible and convenient.

The Hobby Airport has curated an extensive guide map to help you make use of the facilities available at that airport. They offer affordable parking services, and you can choose from three on-airport parking options, and there are some off-site lots and garages near the airport that you can park at, near the airport. Furthermore, the guide is specifically designed to help you find the best parking option depending on what matters to you. It enables you to avoid any hassle and chaos that you might have to encounter before you board your flight. Whether you are looking for information about parking rates, details on short and long term options, maps, tips, and links to other resources, this map will help you through it.

What are the prices and rates for parking at Houston Hobby Airport Parking

It is always necessary to know the rates in advance so that you can set aside the right amount of money in your budget, specifically for this purpose. The current parking rate at the Hobby Airport costs $3 per hour for the Terminal Parking Garage, and at the same time, it can increase to $26 per day for Valet Parking. You can get a better idea of the rates below as it gives a full set of short and long-term parking prices and options available at Houston Hobby Airport.

Types of parking services at HOU

Long-Term HOU Parking

At the Houston Hobby Airport, passengers have access to long term parking services that allow them to park their cars in and around the airport for more extended periods. There are two options for long-term parking at Hobby Airport, the Ecopark Lots, and the more expensive option which is the valet parking service.

 The Ecopark lot

The Ecopark lot is located on the east of the Terminal Parking Garage, which is walking distance to the airport, and they also offer free shuttle services. There are long-term, off-site parking facilities that charge as affordable as $4 per day and provide offer advanced reservation online, as well as provide shuttle service to the terminals. The rate for Long-Term Off-Site with the Shuttle Rate is $4 per day, the rate for parking at the Ecopark Lot is $9.42 per day.

The Valet Parking

You can follow the valet parking signs to acquire this service and have someone park your car for you as you reach the airport. The rate for valet service is $26 per day.


Short-Term HOU Parking

The Houston Hobby Airport provides both Hourly and daily parking areas near the terminals.

Depending on why you’re at the airport, whether its to drop someone off or pick someone up, there is a terminal garage, which is a four-level structure that is located on the north side of the airport, therefore, making it a perfect option for hourly parking. You can check out the options below for short-term parking rates.

 The Hourly Parking rate at Blue &amp, Red Garages

– For up to one, an hour the price is $5

– If you park here for 1-2 hours, you will be charged $6

– Parking for 2-3 hours will cost you $8

– Parking for 3-5 hours will cost you $10

– Parking for 5-24 hours will cost you $22

 Valet Parking Rate

If you use the valet parking service, where there is someone who picks up your car and drops it off, you will have to pay $13 if you park for up to 1 hour and the rate is $26 if you park for two to twenty-four hours.

Official Parking Map For HOU

houston airport parking

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About Airport Parking

The About Airport Parking search engine and app are quite simple to use, and it lets you compare rates on airport parking that is available. You can choose your airport, enter the time during which you will need to park, and you will receive a list of results, that can be sorted by the price. You can choose other options such as valet or self-park, but you also have the choice to opt for additional services, such as car wash and mechanical services.


If you are tech savvy and want to make intelligent choices, FlySmart is the way to go. It is an app that makes you feel like you have your airport concierge. You can have access to real-time flight information and parking lot availability. The Flysmart app also includes other functionalities, such as itinerary management, which helps you manage time and schedules. FlySmart is easily accessible as it is an app that is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users.


Hobby Airport Parking Companies that are available near the Airport


Key Airport Parking

You will find many airport parking companies available near the airport. Key Airport Parking is on such company, and it is located east of the airport and offers both long and short-term indoor self-parking. The lots are secured and well lit, and it is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with a 24-hour complimentary shuttle that gives you curb-to-curb service and even handles your luggage for you. It is a very convenient option when you are traveling to and from the airport.

The Parking Spot

Another great option is the parking spot, which is located five minutes east of Hobby and has a free shuttle service from your car to the airport. The parking spot offers both indoor and outdoor parking in secured parking lots that are open 24/7 and an added hand car wash service.


How to make use of the HOU Parking Resources, Discounts and Coupons that are available?

When you break it down financially and economically, a trip to the airport is quite expensive. You need to think about how much you shell out every time you go to the airport and make some changes to ensure that you benefit from a few discounts and offers.


Official Airport Parking Page

You can find official airport information like rates, live availability, and news on the airport’s official site. The airport site links you to information on the airport, flights, and passengers. It is a great way to look for a formal and legitimate source of information.


Way.com is another website that sells extra inventory from parking operators near the airport, which is often at a discounted rate. In addition to their website, there is also an app available for Android and iPhone users.


Corporate Parking

If you have a business or you work for a corporate company, you will be pleased to know that many companies that utilize the corporate parking program and you can benefit from a discounted terminal, valet, and Ecopark parking space.


Hobby Airport Hotel Parking with shuttle service

It is necessary to know that you have options available to stay close to the airport a day prior and avoid any extra hassle involved before you board your flight. Nowadays, many people are discovering that parking, Stay, and Fly packages that are offered by many hotels are a bonus. These deals allow you to stay at the hotel, the night before your flight and take the complimentary shuttle to the airport while leaving your car parked at the hotel. We have listed out the following hotels that offer Park, Stay, and Fly packages, along with a complimentary shuttle to the airport. You need to call the hotel ahead of time to ensure availability and rates, as they can change at any time.


Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport

You will find this hotel situated at 9100 Gulf Freeway and it is 1 mile away from Hobby Airport. You can contact the hotel on 713.943.7979 to make a reservation or inquiry.


SpringHill Suites Houston Hobby Airport

You will find this hotel situated at 7922 Mosley Road and it is 1.5 miles away from Hobby Airport. You can contact the hotel on 713.943.1713 to make a reservation or inquiry.


Days Inn & Suites Houston Hobby Airport

You will find this hotel situated at 9114 Airport Boulevard and it is 1 mile away from Hobby Airport. You can contact the hotel on 713.944.3004 to make a reservation or inquiry.


Parking Tips while you are at the Hobby Airport

If you are picking someone up from Hobby, you can opt for the free Cell Phone lot rather than paying for parking in the terminal garage. You can find the lot located on the west of the airport on Airport Blvd.


Some of the features that Hobby Airport has to offer

– Hobby Airport features ticket-less parking that allows travelers to insert their credit cards upon arrival and then again when leaving. All you need to do is make sure that you have your credit card handy.

– When you are on your way to the airport, you can turn on your radio to 1610 AM for the latest parking and travelers information.

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