George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) Airport Parking Guide

Previously known as the Houston Intercontinental Airport, the George Bush Intercontinental Airport is one of the fastest growing airports when compared to the top ten airports in the U.S.

It has more than 40 million passengers who step through the terminals each year, which can make things a bit chaotic in the terminals, especially in the parking lots.

To decrease the amount of chaos and confusion, the Houston Intercontinental Airport Parking Guide has been created. The guide is made to give you essential information, from on-airport and off-airport parking to parking reservation services.

What are the rates for parking at IAH Houston Airport?

Parking rates at George Bush Intercontinental Airport range in price from $5 for 1-hour of short-term parking, to $26 per day for long-term valet parking.

Types of  George Bush Intercontinental Airport Parking (IAH)

Valet Parking

Valet Parking service is available inside of all of the parking garages at Bush Houston

Intercontinental Airport for passengers or family who want VIP treatment. To take advantage of this unique service, you can follow the signs that lead you to the Valet. You will find that the Valet Parking service at Bush Houston Intercontinental offers excellent amenities, including a free USA Today newspaper and bottle of water. You have the option of dropping off your car at one terminal and have it arranged to be picked up at a different terminal when you return.

When you use the Valet Parking service, your car is generally parked in a covered lot. The Valet parking rates are $26 per day. For more information on valet parking, you can click here.

Houston Airport Long-Term Parking

If you need to park your car for a longer term, Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport offers Ecopark, valet parking, and the SurePark parking program. Prices for the EcoPark option start at $5.54 per day. There are also off-site parking facilities that charge just $4 per day, provide shuttle service, and offer advanced reservation.

  1. Rates for Off-Site with Shuttle

Per Day – you can book now at the rate of $4

  1.  Eco Park Rate

Per Day – Covered $7.39 plus tax


Short-Term IAH Parking

For your short-term parking needs, George Bush Intercontinental provides parking garages near each of the terminals, including a few select programs, such as Valet Parking, Corporate Parking, and SurePark. The Terminal Parking Garages are perfect for those short trips. You can find more information here. The rates for parking at the Terminal Parking Garage are:

– If you park for up to 1 hour, the price is $5.00

– If you park for 1-2 hours, the price is $6.00

– If you park for 2-3 hours, the rate is $8.00

– If you park for 3-5 hours, the rate is $10.00

– If you park for 5-24 hours, the price is $22.00


Corporate Parking Program

There is a special parking program for businesses who want to save on expenses. The program is called the Corporate Parking Program. The program even comes with a special corporate rate. This membership program provides many benefits, including ticketless access cards and opportunities to earn free parking. You can click here to download a brochure about the Corporate Parking program.


SurePark Program

SurePark is a members-only program that has been curated for frequent flyers who want a guaranteed parking space near the terminals. There is a particular parking area in Terminal C Level 3, C East Garage, that is explicitly designated for the SurePark program. The members of the SurePark program can look forward to always having a parking space that is available at (Bush) Houston Intercontinental Airport.

The rates for SurePark Program are given below,

– If members park for up to 3 hours, the rate is $9.00

– If members park for 3-5 hours, the rate is $12.00

– If members park for 5-24 hours, the price is $24.00


Difference between On-Airport and Off-Airport parking

When you start your search for airport parking IAH, one of the most important things to know is the difference between on-airport parking and off-airport parking.

On-airport parking

It is directly affiliated with the airport and is located on airport property. It refers to short- and long-term terminal parking, economy parking, the Corporate Parking Program, and the SurePark Program. You can find more information on these options below.

Off-airport parking

Locations are not on IAH property but are within very close proximity to the airport. These parking garages and lots run frequent shuttles to and from the airport for free. There are Many also offer parking reservations so you can reserve a parking spot in advance. You can find more information in the off-airport section below.

Other airport parking services available at Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport

IAH Airport Mobile Parking Apps

When you find yourself rushing through the airport to make a flight, things can get downright chaotic. Luckily, as technology has advanced to the level of mobile apps that are relevant to air travel, things have become a little less complicated. The following mobile apps are designed to help make your airport parking experience a bit less frantic and a lot more pleasant.

– It is a parking reservation app that is quite simple to use. It allows you to search and compare rates at parking facilities near George Bush Airport. You can also reserve your parking spot in advance. You can find this app on both iPhone and Android devices.


IAH Vale

– It is an app that acts as your Bush Houston Intercontinental Airport assistant. With the app, you can schedule reservations, save your flight information, and make valet parking reservations. The only app is only available for iPhone users.

About Airport Parking

– The app allows you to search for and compare rates on airport parking. You can choose your airport and enter the time frame that you will need the parking. The search results will be returned sorted by price. The app is only available for iPhone users.


IAH Airport Parking Online Resources


Airport Parking Search Engines



It is a site that provides a variety of information about parking at the airport and includes a search engine, so you can find parking by choosing your airport and by including when you will need to park. The search results will add additional details, such as 24-hour lot and self-park.  You can also sort the results by price, distance, and rating.

Airport Parking Connection

You can find and compare rates at a good variety of parking facilities with this site. Your search results will be returned with both a list and they will be marked on an interactive map. The search engine also allows you to choose other options, such as valet or self-parking and you can sort the results by rating, distance, and price.


Airport Parking Companies


PreFlight Airport Parking

It is a 24 hour secured parking facility that offers both open air and covered parking. This parking company provides many complimentary amenities that include a shuttle service that runs every 4-6 minutes, battery jump service, tire inflation service, and a free bottle of water.

Park ‘N Fly

Park ‘N Fly ensures that their complimentary shuttle will pick you up within five minutes. The 24-hour secure lot is located three miles away from the airport, allowing you to get to and from the airport quickly. You can take advantage of their other service offerings, including luggage

assistance, car washed and detailed, and pet boarding at the Pet Paradise Resort.


It is a parking facility that strives to treat you like a VIP with their car-to-terminal service. The parking is covered and secure, and they also offer complimentary luggage assistance and a complimentary newspaper too, if you arrive in the morning.


IAH Airport Hotels

Staying at a hotel near the airport and keeping your car there as you go on your trip is a great alternative and it can prove to be quite economical as well. Many hotels offer to park, stay, and fly deals that are a grand bargain on parking. Instead of spending your time fussing with parking on the day of your flight, you can park your car a day prior, and sleep in a cozy bed at a location close to the airport and then get transported to the airport via shuttle. Some hotels may even allow you to park there without having a reservation to stay. You can also use a service like to make a parking reservation at hotels. The following hotels offer parking and free shuttle service to the airport.

Ramada Houston Intercontinental Airport East

Located at 6115 Will Clayton Pkwy, it is 2.8 miles away from IAH with a daily rate of $5.00 to reserve parking.

Comfort Suites Houston Intercontinental Airport

Located at 15555 John F Kennedy Blvd, it is 5 miles away from IAH with a daily rate of $5.99 to reserve parking.

Hilton Garden Inn

It is located at 15400 John F Kennedy Blvd, which is 5.5 miles away from IAH. You can reserve parking here at a daily rate of $4.

Best Western Plus

It is located at 7114 Will Clayton Pkwy, which is 4 miles away from the airport. You can reserve parking here at a daily rate of $4

Americas Best Value Inn &amp Suites- IAHWest

It is located at 702 North Sam Houston Pkwy E, which is 4.6 miles away from IAH. You can reserve parking here at a daily rate of $5

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