Jacksonville (JAX) International Airport Parking Guide

The Jacksonville International Airport serves the northeastern area of Florida’s airport needs. You can find it north of downtown Jacksonville; 13 miles south to be exact. The Jacksonville International Airport functions as a civic-military airport. If you’re curious about parking, you can rest assured as there are affordable parking solutions for the airport. There are five parking options on-airport as well as several off-site garages and lots located quite close to the airport.

Have a look through this guide for information about Jacksonville airport parking. Skim through this article for details about short as well as long term parking, maps, tips, parking rates, links to other resources and so on.


Jacksonville International Airport Parking Rates & Options

The Jacksonville International Airport parking rates are quite competitive with rates ranging from $2 per hour for hourly parking to $20 per day. Have a look below for information about short as well as long-term parking prices as well as options worth exploring at the airport.

Long-Term JAX Parking

If you’re looking at long-term parking at Jacksonville airport, you have two options. The first option worth exploring is the Daily Surface Lot while the other is the Economy Lots. Furthermore, Economy Parking Lots 1 and 2 may be found at the east side of the airport.

Many people look to long-term off-site parking facilities to further reduce the price of parking. There are plenty of off-site parking facilities with rates as low as $5. A lot of them also offer advanced reservation online, excellent shuttle services to the terminals and so on.

Long-Term Off-Site W/ Shuttle Rate
Per Day – Book Now! $5
Daily Surface Lot Rate
Per Day $8
Economy Parking (Lot 1 and 2) Rate
Per Day $5
Daily Garage Rate
 Per Day  $15
Hourly Garage Rate
Per Day  $20

Short-Term JAX Parking

Similar to long-term parking, short-term parking at Jacksonville airport has two options. There is an Hourly parking area as well as a Daily parking area which can both be found in front of each private terminal entrance. You can see the Daily Surface Lot east of the Daily Garage.

Many people come to the airport to pick someone up or drop someone off. For these people, the Hourly Parking option should be explored. Finally, people with overnight parking needs should explore the Daily Parking as well as Economy Parking areas. Have a look below for all of the short-term parking rates.

Hourly Parking Garage Rate 
Per 30 Minutes $2
Daily Max $20


Official Parking Map for JAX

parking at jacksonville airport

JAX Parking Resources, Discounts and Coupons

For most people, parking at or near the Jacksonville Airport for more than a couple days can quickly become an expensive affair. Have a look at these parking resources below for rates, discounts, coupons and so on to make parking more economically viable.

Official Airport Parking Page

Find official information like rates and news over here. The airport site links to detailed information on the airport, flights, and passengers.


Way.com is an excellent seller of extra inventory which they get from parking operators they find near JAX. They usually sell this excess inventory at a severely reduced rate. You can check their website out or download an app on either Android or iPhone.


FlySmart is similar to having your personal airport concierge. You gain access to real-time flight information and parking lot availability. The app also includes other functionalities, such as itinerary management. This app is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

JAX Airport Parking Companies Near the Airport


The off-airport WallyPark location can be found just seven minutes away from the terminal. It’s a world away in terms of cost: less than $6 per day! WallyPark gives customers various advantages such as a free shuttle ride that makes runs every five minutes, covered parking to protect vehicles from the hot sun, helpful on-site staff; as well as great amenities such as a drive-through, check out window along with complimentary beverages. Give WallyPark a try the next time you fly out of JAX; you won’t be disappointed.

USA Park

If you’re looking for Jacksonville airport parking at the lowest prices, you can’t go lower than USA Park. USA Park has a customer coupon which offers at $2 per day for people who’ve never used their services before which is quite a bargain. Covered as well as uncovered parking is provided by USA Park as well as an excellent free shuttle service which whisks their customers to and from the airport.

Park EZ Fly by Jetway

One of the advantages of using Park EZ Fly by Jetway is that it works on a reservation basis. Lots which work like this will guarantee you a spot if you call ahead to reserve one. They are priced quite competitively with rates starting from as low as $3 per day. They also guarantee that their shuttle service will always be on time which results in their customers not wasting any time waiting for a shuttle.

Parking Club

Parking Club offers customers outdoor, indoor as well as curbside valet parking. In addition to all of these options, they also offer their customers additional services such as detailing, car washes, oil as well as filter changes and so on. The primary goal of the Parking Club is to provide exceptional customer service.

VIP Park & Ride

If you’d like to support a local family business then you should have a look at VIP Park & Ride. VIP Park & Ride offer a plethora of additional services in addition to their fantastic parking services such as car washes as well as impressive vehicle maintenance. You can call in advance to make a reservation at no extra cost. In addition to all of this, they too offer a reliable shuttle service that whisks their customers to and from the airport.

Jacksonville Airport Hotel Parking with Shuttle Service

Lots of people are finding out about the most refreshing new service on the block that’s called Park, Stay, and Fly packages. These packages are being offered by plenty of hotels. These excellent deals let people stay at the hotel the night before their flight as well as take a complimentary shuttle to the airport while leaving their car parked at the hotel. The following hotels offer Park, Stay, and Fly packages, along with a complimentary shuttle to the airport. Make sure you call the hotel ahead of time to ensure availability and rates, as they can change at any time.

Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Jacksonville Airport
Address: 13200 Intl Airport Blvd, Jacksonville
Distance from Dulles: 2 miles
Phone: 904-741-4911

Quality Inn Airport
Address: 1351 Airport Road, Jacksonville
Distance from Dulles: 2.5 miles
Phone: 904- 741-0094

Hampton Inn & Suites Jacksonville-Airport
Address: 13551 Airport Court, Jacksonville
Distance from Dulles: 1.7 miles
Phone: 904-741-4001

Comfort Inn Suites Chantilly
Address: 13980 Metrotech Dr, Chantilly
Distance from Dulles: 7.5 miles
Phone: 703-263-2007
Daily Rate: $5.00


Jacksonville Airport Parking Tips

Jacksonville airport parking has an incentive called the frequent parking program. How it works is that travelers earn 10 points for every dollar spent. These points can then be redeemed at the JAX airport parking for free parking days. Different garages offer points at different prices. You can have a look at the airport site for further details. Finally, there’s also a pre-paid program which costs $200 a month.

One of the main reasons as to why people miss flights is because they do not account for parking. Parking, as well as traffic, are some of the biggest offenders in the long list of why people miss flights. A little extra time taken to plan your route can mean the difference between getting to the airport on time and catching your flight or being late and missing your flight.

There are many days when airline parking is inadequate. Holidays such as labor day, Christmas, Thanksgiving and so on are days when airports aren’t equipped to deal with the influx of vehicles parking. Do your research in advance to avoid headaches. Your future-self will thank you for it.

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