John F Kennedy Airport Parking Guide

About John F Kennedy Airport

The John F. Kennedy Airport (referred to as JFK) is the International airport that services the city of New York, and the NY region. It is located twelve miles southeast of lower Manhattan and is the largest airport in New York. It is the sixth busiest airport in the USA. On average it handles around 59 million passengers in a year.

There are a total of six terminals at the airport – Terminals 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8.


Parking at the airport

There are plenty of options for parking at JFK. Drivers have six different options for JFK airport parking, located on site. Apart from these, there are some off-site parking near JFK, where drivers can park at garages and parking lots.

If you are driving down to JFK airport and were wondering where to park your car, do read this guide. It lets you know the various parking options available. You can then choose where you would like to park. The guide also tells you about JFK parking rates, JFK Short term parking, JFK airport long term parking, maps, links to various resources, and some tips on parking.


Some Quick Facts about JFK Airport 

Address: Queens, NY 11430
Airport Parking Contact Number: (718) 244-4168

John F. Kennedy Airport Parking Rates & Options

The fee for parking at the JFK airport varies from $4 to park at the terminal and $18 for long term parking JFK.

The complete details of parking options available for drivers at the JFK airport are given here. Also, the pricing for short-term as well as long-term parking are given for your information.

Short term parking

The John F. Kennedy Airport provides Hourly and Daily Parking areas near the airport terminals. There are four parking garages, namely Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Red parking that are located near the Terminals 1 through 8.

If you are picking someone up or dropping them at the airport, the Hourly Parking would be ideal for you. However, if you need to park overnight, you can opt for JFK Long Term parking.

Hourly parking rates

The rates for hourly parking are as follows:

Short-term hourly parking Rates
For the first 30 minutes $4
For one hour of parking $8
For every extra half-an-hour $4
The maximum rate for a day $33


Long Term Parking

The long term parking JFK lot is Lot 9/Economy Lot. It is located on Lefferts Boulevard and Howard Beach, 4 miles west of the airport. Free shuttle services are available from the parking lot to the airport and also the other way round.

The JFK Long term parking rates are as follows:

Long-term parking Rates
For one day of parking $18
For every additional 8 hours after one day $6


Free Cell Phone Lots for Parking

JFK International airport offers cell phone lots where people can park for free near the airport entrance. Drivers can wait in the car by parking here till the passengers they have come to pick up land. One hundred twenty-seven such cell phone lots are available. The driver needs to be available in the car while waiting for the inbound flight. These lots are just 5 minutes from the terminals and are near the JFK Expressway and the Van Wyck Expressway.


Parking Map of JFK Airport

JFK Parking


 JFK Parking Resources, Discounts and Coupons

Parking near the John F. Kennedy Airport is not so cheap, especially if you are parking for several days. The resources shared here provide some valuable information and ideas for you to find the best rates, discounts, and coupons to make it more affordable.


JFK Airport Page

This is the official web page of the JFK airport. You can complete information about parking at the airport. You can see real-time data on parking availability at each of the short-term and long-term parking lots. All the information you need to know about parking at the airport is available here.

This is a website that offers discounts on Parking options. The company looks for extra parking inventory from various operations and offers it usually on discounts. They also have an app; it can be used to search for discounted rates.



This is an app that can be used to make reservations for parking quickly. The bookings can be made at an off-site parking lot that provides valet parking. This is the SmartPark operator that provides these services. Their app can be used on Android as well as iPhone smartphones.


Park, Ride, Fly

Park. Ride Fly offers different parking options and has parking coupons. The site provides coupon codes to visitors that they can use to get discounts. The site has Cheap JFK parking options suggesting different places to park at lesser prices, with valet parking facilities.



This is an app available for various platforms, including iPhone and Android. It works like a personal concierge for airports. It provides you the latest and real-time info on flights and parking options, with their availability.


 John F. Kennedy Airport Parking Companies Near the Airport


SmartPark JFK

SmartPark is a private operator that offers secured parking at JFK airport, around 3.5 miles away from the airport. They have free shuttle service to the airport. They offer discounted rates for longer durations of parking. For those who park for two weeks, two days of free parking is provided.


JFK Long Term Parking

This is a parking garage within 4 miles of the airport, that offers long term parking options along with valet parking services. It is a secure lot, and parkers can get a free drop to the airport.


Airpark Kennedy

Airpark Kennedy is a parking lot near the airport. They have offers including free parking for the first day if you park long-term for one week. Free shuttle service to the airport is available for those who park here.


Park Plus JFK parking

This is a secure parking lot located around 3 miles from the JFK airport. Shuttle services are available for free on an on-demand basis. It also offers assistance for luggage transfer.


U-Save JFK

This is a 24-hour parking lot around 4 miles from the JFK International airport. This private company also offers valet parking and luggage services. Free shuttle service to the airport is provided for parkers.


John F. Kennedy Airport Hotel Parking with Shuttle Service


Park, Stay and Fly

Park, Stay, and Fly is a unique facility that many hotels offer to those who drive down from long distance to airports. Under this scheme, you can arrive at the hotel the night before you have a flight. Check-in to the hotel and park your vehicle. Stay there overnight. The next day morning, you can make use of the free shuttle service provided by the hotel to reach the airport. Your vehicle would be safely parked at the hotel.

If you would like to avail of this offer, do call the hotel in advance to confirm the availability of this offer and the rates.

Hotel offering Park, Stay, Fly Distance from JFK airport Daily rate Address Contact number
Sheraton JFK 3.2 miles $21.00 132-26 South Conduit Avenue 718.322.7190
Hilton Garden Inn JFK 3 miles $21.00 148-18 134th Street 718.322.4448
Crowne Plaza JFK 2.4 miles $20.00 138-10 135th Ave 718.530.1160
Fairfield Inn JFK 1.6 miles $20.00 156-08 Rockaway Blvd 718.977.3300
Hampton Inn JFK Airport 3 miles $20.00 144-10 135th Avenue 718.322.7500
Courtyard New York JFK Airport 3.3 miles $16.00 145-11 North Conduit Avenue 718.848.2121



John F. Kennedy Airport Parking Tips


AirTrain: The AirTrain is a convenient facility offered by JFK airport for passengers who use the parking lots in the airport to park their vehicles. AirTrain takes passengers from the parking lots to the different terminals in the airport. While it is free for use from one terminal to another, a fee of $5 is charged for transport from the parking lot to the terminal. You should be able to get an air train once every 4 to 8 minutes.


Short-term parking: You can reserve your parking space by visiting JFK airport’s website.  You can use an E-ZPass if you have one to pay the parking fee. This ensures you can pay quickly and don’t have to waste time searching for cash.


Kiss and Fly: The Lefferts Boulevard AirTrain Station has an option, whereby you can drop off airport passengers at the station and leave without parking. From the station, they can take a free shuttle to the terminal.


EV Charging: Those using electric vehicles can make use of the electric vehicle charging facility that is available in the Yellow parking lot at the ground level. There are no charges for EV charging of vehicles.


Plan Early: Make sure you plan early when you want to drive down to the airport. You don’t want to get stuck in parking. If you’re going to reach the JFK Discount Parking Lot, ensure that you plan for two hours. It ensures there are no tensions.

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