Midway International Airport (MDW) Chicago Parking Guide

About Midway International Airport (MDW) Chicago

Chicago Midway International Airport (MDW) is an International commercial airport located on the southwest side of Chicago, Illinois. It is 8 miles away from the Loop, Chicago’s Central Business District. It is the second largest airport in Chicago. It used to be the primary airport of Chicago until 1955 when the O’Hare International Airport was built.

Named after the Battle of Midway, the airport serviced 22,460,236 passengers in 2017. Of the 43 gates in the airport, Southwest airlines control 34 of them. The airport has three concourses A, B and C with 17, 23 and 3 gates respectively.

Airport Parking

The midway airport parking has four options within the airport, where passengers can park their vehicles. There are also some off-site parking garages and lots for drivers to park their vehicles.

This guide tells you all that you need to know about midway parking. It tells you about the parking options available in the airport, short term options, long term options, parking rates, maps, and parking tips. Links to various resources related to parking at this airport are given, with information on cheap parking options in and near the airport.

Some Quick Facts about MDW Airport

Address: 5700 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL 60638
Airport Parking Contact Number: (773) 838-0756

Email[email protected]


Midway Airport Parking Rates & Options


Parking options

There are multiple parking options at the Midway International Airport, Chicago. Hourly, daily and long-term parking options are available for passengers. There are obvious signs on the roads near the airport with directions to the various parking lots at the airport.

The following are the various parking options with details of price.

Short-term parking

Short-term midway airport parking is available on hourly as well as a daily basis. Hourly basis parking is available at the Terminal Garage on Level 1. Regular parking and economy parking options are also available. The rates are as follows:

Hourly parking
Short-term hourly parking Rates
For the first 30 minutes $2
For one hour of parking $5
For one to two hours $7
For two to three hours $9
For three to four hours $11
For four to five hours $17
For five to six hours $23
For six to seven hours $29
For seven to eight hours $35
For eight to nine hours $41
For nine to 24 hours $63


Daily parking at the Terminal Garage (Level 1)
Daily parking Rates
For the first 30 minutes $2
For one hour of parking $5
For one to two hours $7
For two to three hours $9
For three to four hours $11
For four to eight hours $14
For eight to 24 hours $40


Daily Lot
Daily lot Rates
For the first 30 minutes $2
For one hour of parking $5
For one to 24 hours $30


Economy Lot
Economy Lot Rates
For the first 30 minutes $2
For one hour of parking $5
For one to 24 hours $15


Economy Garage
Economy garage Rates
For the first 30 minutes $2
For one hour of parking $5
For one to 24 hours $15


Cell phone lot

Parking is available for free at the cell phone lots near the airport entrance where designated slots are available for drivers to wait in their car, at the time they wait for passengers to arrive from the airport.

Long-term Parking

There are many options for long term midway parking. These are offered on a per day basis. The options available include:

Long-term parking option Rates
Terminal Garage (Level 1 at the short-term lot) $63 per day
Terminal Garage (Level 2 – 6) $40 per day
Terminal Garage reserved parking $50 per day
Daily Lot $30 per day
Economy Lot $15 per day
Economy Garage $15 per day


Midway Airport Parking Map

midway airport parking


MDW Parking Resources, Discounts and Coupons

Following are some resources related to mdw parking. You can look at these options to find discounted or cheap parking options. These options would be helpful for you to find the best possible rates for parking.

Official Page

This is the official page for parking at the Midway International Airport, Chicago. Complete information on parking information, flight details, with latest updated features are available here. Reservation of parking at Terminal Garage Level 4 can also be made from this website


Way is a search engine for parking at various airports. Once you enter the date and time when you intend to arrive at the airport, you get a complete listing of parking options and prices, along with discount details. This is an excellent way to get cheap parking at the airport.


Parking Panda

Parking Panda allows you to reserve parking space at the Midway airport in Chicago. You can look for valet parking and self-parking options. Once you select the date and time slots, you get various options with pricing, and you can choose the one suitable for you and reserve your slot and get a parking pass. This saves you the tension of waiting to buy a ticket at the airport.


Midway Airport Parking Companies Near the Airport



Midway Park Ride & Fly

This is a private parking lot located within 2 miles from the airport. It has secure indoor parking and outdoor parking. Short-term and long-term options are both offered. It is open 24 x 7 and has a free shuttle service with luggage handling facility to the airport.

Airways Parking Chicago

This is very close to Midway airport, just a block away. Indoor and outdoor parking is available. Car wash is also offered. Complimentary shuttle service to the airport is available.

Midway EZ Parking

This private parking lot has secure indoor parking lots and also open parking. It is just a 5-minute drive from the airport and can be reached using the free shuttle service. VIP valet parking is available along with self-parking options.

Midway Park Saver

This is a cheap parking option right across the street. Once you park at this lot, you can use the free shuttle service to reach the skywalk, using which you can reach the concourse.

Airport Parking Saver

This is a little more than a mile away from the airport. It has secure parking lots that are open 24 x 7. Complimentary shuttle service to the airport is offered from the parking lot with luggage service.


Midway Airport Hotel Parking


Park, Stay and Fly

Park, Stay, and Fly is a program that is offered by some hotels that make it very convenient for air travelers. Those traveling for long to reach the Midway airport can book into any of the hotels mentioned below under this program. They can contact the hotel the night before the journey and park their vehicle. They can stay overnight at the airport. In the morning, they can avail of the free shuttle service offered by the hotel to reach the airport.

The car would remain parked safely at the hotel. These are special offers given by hotels. This would be a reasonable option for passengers looking for parking options. If you want to avail of this offer, contact the hotel in advance to confirm availability and the price.

Hotel offering Park, Stay, Fly Distance from JFK airport Daily rate Address Contact number
Courtyard Chicago Midway airport 1 mile $15.00 6610 S Cicero Ave 708.563.020
Holiday Inn Express 1.3 miles $13.00 6500 S Cicero Ave 888.465.4329
Carlton Inn Midway 1.8 miles $7.00 4944 S Archer Ave 877.722.7586
Fairfield Inn & Suites 1.4 miles $12.00 6630 S Cicero Ave 708.594.0090


Midway Parking Tips


  • If you are parking for a few hours, don’t park in the long-term lots as they would work out to be very expensive as they charge by the day.
  • Third party lots are offering discounted parking. This works out cheaper than long-term parking lots at the airport. Do check them out before deciding where to park.
  • You can contact the parking garage office at MDW for any problems related to flat tires, dead battery, etc. for help.
  • You can park anywhere irrespective of whether you are traveling domestic or international.
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles are available in the main parking lot.
  • You can opt for reserved parking to book your slot in advance and avoid the waiting.
  • Only vehicles that can fit in one parking space are allowed to be parked at the airport’s parking lots. Bigger trucks are not allowed, and they have to be parked outside.
  • Any vehicle not parked in the designated area or if a car without a driver is found in the cell phone lot, it would be towed away.
  • You can pay for parking at the airport using cash or by any credit card.

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