Portland International (PDX) Airport Parking Guide

About Portland International Airport

The Portland International Airport (Code: PDX) is a civil and military airport located south of the Columbia River in Portland in the state of Oregon. It is the largest airport in Oregon state. 90% of all passenger traffic and 95% of all cargo traffic in the state of Oregon comes from this airport. Atlantic aviation provides the general aviation services in this airport.

There is one terminal in this airport for passengers, which has five concourses in the South and North sections of the terminal. The North section of the terminal has Concourses A, B, and C with 14, 4, and 23 gates respectively. The South section of the terminal has Concourses D and E with 15 and 4 gates respectively. The two terminal sections are connected by a walkway.

The airport saw 9,436,473 passengers use its services in 2017. The airport is being modernized so that in the future, up to 35 million passengers can be accommodated.

Parking at the Airport

There are many options for Portland international airport parking. Passengers driving to the airport can select any of the four different options available for parking in the airport. Apart from these, there are also some parking garages and lots near the airport where they can consider parking.

Portland airport parking information is presented to you in this guide. You can find out more about the different parking options, including short-term and long-term parking. The prices for parking, details of parking companies, parking map, and tips are given in this guide. Also, links to other resources are given so you can look for various options for PDX airport parking. The guide would also provide you with information on cheap parking options, including discounted parking.

Some Quick Facts About Parking at Portland Airport:

 Address: 7000 NE Airport Way, Portland, Oregon
Airport parking contact number: (503) 460-4234


Portland Airport Parking Rates & Options

There are many parking options available at the Portland International Airport. Short-term, PDX long term parking, valet parking and other options are available. The details of the same are presented here with the parking rates:


Short-term parking

Short-term PDX parking is suitable for parking for a short duration for a few hours or a day. At the Portland International airport, the short-term parking lot is available right next to the terminal for the convenience of travelers. The short-term parking lot has more than 3,300 parking spaces available. The vehicle height clearance here is eight feet. There are tunnels from the parking lot to the terminal. There is also a sky bridge from level 4 of the parking lot to the terminal. This ensures passengers can easily move from the lot to the terminal.


Hourly parking at the short-term parking lot Rates
Charge per hour $3
Charge per day $27


Long-term parking

Portland airport long term parking is available at the long-term parking garage. This is located close to the terminal building at the airport. This is a covered parking lot and has 3,000 parking spaces allowing passengers to park their vehicles for a long duration. The height clearance for vehicles to enter the parking garage is eight feet. The seven-story garage is connected to the terminal building by tunnels as well as moving sidewalks for the convenience of the parkers.

The Portland airport long term parking rates are as follows:


Long-term parking Rates
Charge per hour $3
Charge per day $24


Economy parking

 Economy parking is also available at cheaper rates. This economy parking lot is located near I-205 off the airport way and has 7900 parking spaces. There are free shuttles operating once every 7 or 9 minutes to take passengers from the economy parking lot to the terminals from 4 am to midnight. During the time from midnight to 4 am, the shuttle buses operate once every 15 minutes.


Economy parking Rates
Charge per hour $3
Charge per day $12


Valet parking

Valet parking is available for the convenience of passengers. The valet parking signs are clearly marked so that passengers can easily hand over their cars for valet parking.

Online check-in facility is available through the official website. Using this, one can book the time slot in advance. Gold Key valet service ensures that parking can be done easily and is always open. It is the easiest and best way to park at the airport without any worries.


Valet parking Rates
Charge per hour $10
Charge per day $35



Cell phone lots

Cell phone parking lots are available where drivers can park for a short duration while waiting to pick up passengers. Up to 30 vehicles can be parked for free for a maximum of 30 minutes.


PDX Parking Map


pdx airport parking


PDX Parking Resources, Discounts, and Coupons

Some links to various resources related to PDX parking are given here. This can help you find the best rates, including discounts.

Official Page

This is the official page of Portland International airport parking. Information on parking space available and the latest details are provided here.

About Airport Parking

This is a parking search engine where you can enter details of the date and time and the airport you are planning to go to. It would show the list of parking options, rates and also provide you with details of valet parking and other optional services provided.

Fly Smart

This is a handy app available for the Android as well as iPhone platforms. This gives you multiple options, whereby you can get information on flights with real-time updates, the status of parking availability, and prices are also provided for your convenience. This app works like a personal concierge and is highly useful.


Portland Airport Parking Companies Near the Airport

The following are private parking lots available near the airport. Passengers can consider these options while looking for a good parking deal.

Park ‘N Fly

This is a secure parking lot available three miles from the airport. Free shuttle service is available from the parking lot to the airport terminal, which would take around eight minutes. This is a secure facility.

Air Park

This is a secure parking lot near the airport that offers parking at daily and weekly rates. You can book your parking space online through their website. It offers discounts if you park for a longer time.

Thrifty Parking

This is a cheap parking facility near the airport. It has both short and long-term parking options at cost-effective rates. Free shuttle to the airport is provided.


Portland Airport Hotel Parking


Park, Stay and Fly

Park, Stay and Fly is an interesting option available for those traveling to the Portland airport. This facility or package is offered by hotels near the airport. It would be suitable for travelers coming from a long distance. They can check-in to the hotel offering this package the night before their flight and park the vehicle. After spending the night at the hotel, they can take a free shuttle service from the hotel to the airport. The car would remain in the safe parking space in the hotel.

Following is a list of the hotels offering Park, Stay and Fly. Do check with the hotel about the availability of the package and the latest price.


Hotel offering Park, Stay, Fly Distance from PDX airport Address Contact number
Howard Johnson Portland Airport 2.5 miles 8247 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97220 (503) 256-4111
Super 8 Portland Parking 2.73 miles 11011 NE Holman St., Portland, OR 97220 (503) 257-8988
Ramada Portland 1 mile 6221 NE 82nd Ave., Portland, OR 97220 (503) 255-6511
Comfort Inn and Suites 2.46 miles 5019 NE 102nd Ave., Portland, OR 97220 (503) 252-6397


Portland Airport Parking Tips

  • The valet parking service also offers car washing as well as car detailing for vehicles parked. This can be reserved online from the official website or by calling 888.862.4350. It is available for those parking for 24 hours or more. It costs anywhere from $25 for a basic wash to $225 for a complete detailing including leather conditioners.
  • Parking for vehicles that are oversized can be parked by calling the number 503.460.4848 for information and assistance.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging facility is available in the airport. It is available at the short-term parking lot, Economy lot and also in the Valet parking area. There are limited slots available.

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