Philadelphia (PHL) International Airport Parking Guide

The Philadelphia International airport renders its services to the Philadelphia region of the state of Pennsylvania. The airport is located seven miles southwest of downtown Philadelphia, and it is also the largest airport in Delaware Valley region and the state.

It is very convenient to take your car to the airport to eliminate any hassle that you may go through before you board your flight. You won’t have to hire a cab or ask someone to drop you to and from the airport, and you have enough space to carry your luggage.

If you do decide to bring your car to the airport, you will be pleased to know that there are a lot of parking options that are available at The Philadelphia International Airport Parking.
You are free to choose from 5 on-airport parking options and several off-site lots and garages that are located near the airport.

The Philadelphia International Airport Parking has curated a parking guide that is specifically designed to help you find the best parking option that depends on what you want.
You can find extensive information about the parking rates, depending on what you prefer, you can get details about short and long term options. There are maps, tips, and links to other resources that you may need as well.

Philadelphia International Airport Parking Quick Facts:

Address: 8000 Essington Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19153
Airport Parking Contact Number: (215) 683-9842
Number of Airport Parking Options: 16 (5 on-airport, 11 off-site airport)


Philadelphia International Airport Parking Rates & Options

 When you plan a budget for your trip, you set aside certain amounts of money to and from the airport as well. You need to be aware of the rates and prices of parking options that are available at Philadelphia Airport Parking to make sure that you have the right calculations and reduce the stress of not having enough when you need it. Currently, the parking rate at the Philadelphia airport parking costs $4 for 30 minutes in the parking garages; at the same time, it can increase to  $11 per day in the Economy Lot.


The Official Parking Map for PHL

philadelphia international airport parking

PHL Parking Resources, Discounts and Coupons


You know that parking at the Philadelphia International Airport parking, or close to the airport can be an expensive affair. This is specially true if you’re planning to park your car for several days. Here are some ideas that are available to find the best rates, discounts, and coupons to make it more affordable for you to park at your convenience.

Official Airport Parking Page

 You can log on to the official Airport Parking Page to find information like the rates, live availability and news of parking space. The airport parking site will also provide links to information about the airport, flights, and passengers.

You can use as it sells extra inventory from parking operators near PHL, and often at a discounted rate. Furthermore, is also an app that is available for Android and iPhone.


FlySmart gives you the illusion and feels of having your airport concierge. It gives you access to real-time flight information and parking lot availability. The app also includes other functionalities, such as managing your itinerary. It is also an app that is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users.


Philadelphia International Airport Parking companies available near the airport


Central AirPark

It is a 24-hour parking facility which is secure and well lit. Central AirPark is located 3 miles away from the airport; it provides a complimentary shuttle that will drop you from your car to the terminal in just five minutes. You will receive service from courteous attendants who offer complimentary luggage assistance.

Winner Airport Parking

Winner Airport Parking is a parking service that switches things up and does things a little differently. When you arrive, the valet will drive you to the airport in your car, to save more time upon your arrival, you can also opt for the White Glove Service, which brings your vehicle to you at the airport, so you can head straight home, and save up to 40 minutes or more.

The Parking Spot

It is a parking service that offers both self-park and valet options for you, and it is open for 24 hours. The Parking Spot is located a little more than 3 miles away from the airport, and it also provides a complimentary shuttle bus that will drop you to the terminal in 5-7 minutes.

WallyPark Philadelphia

You will find that this parking service aims to treat its customers like VIPs by providing many complimentary amenities that include complimentary shuttle rides, USA Today newspaper, and a bottle of water.  It is open for 24 hours, and the facility offers both self-park and valet parking options.

Park & Jet

Park & Jet is open for 24-hours, and the parking lot also offers complimentary luggage assistance and driving you in a car to the terminal shuttle. The lot is secure with 24-hour attendants and stadium lighting throughout that parking lot. It has a Red Carpet Club which provides many perks, including a point system which allows you to accumulate and earn free parking.

Payless Airport Valet Parking

Payless is a valet parking service that provides the VIP treatment with an on-demand shuttle that takes you from the parking lot to the terminal, along with luggage assistance. You are free to opt for additional services like a car wash.

Colonial Airport Parking

Colonial Airport Parking is also open for 24 hours and as a parking facility, it offers both self-park and valet. It provides a complimentary on-demand shuttle that will take you to the terminal, and you can also enjoy the convenience of free luggage assistance too.

ExpressPark North Lot

You will find that it is a 24-hour self-parking facility which is situated less than 4 miles aways from the airport. It provides a complimentary shuttle that ensures that you will arrive at the airport in a few minutes.

Smart Park Airport Parking

It is a parking service that offers both valet and self-parking options, and it is open for 24 hours.  Smart Park also provides additional services, such as car wash and care. They also provide a complimentary shuttle that will take you from the parking lot to the airport in less than 10 minutes.

Pacifico Airport Valet

Pacifico Airport valet is a 24-hour parking service that specializes in valet parking. The valet will drive you to the airport in your car, which will save you time.

PreFlight Airport Parking

It is a self-park facility that is open for 24 hours, and it offers both indoor and outdoor parking services. They provide complimentary amenities which include USA Today newspaper, shuttle service, to and from the airport, battery jump service, and tire inflation. You can save more cash by printing their online coupon from their website.


Philadelphia Airport Hotel Parking with Shuttle Service

It is of common knowledge nowadays that you don’t need to go through any hassle at all before you travel, with another option to park and stay at a hotel near the airport.

If you opt to stay at a hotel the night before your flight, you can save yourself from stress, and also save some of your money when you take advantage of the Park, Stay, and Fly deals that are offered at many hotels.

The idea behind this is to go to the hotel, park your car, stay one night, and then take a complimentary shuttle to the airport while leaving your car parked at the hotel.

The cost of parking is included in the rate for the one night stay. You can forget about the rush on the day of your flight because you can do it the day before you travel and relax instead.

Below are some of the hotels that offer Park, Stay, and Fly packages. If you do plan on making use of this option, you are advised to call the hotel well in advance to check the availability and cost.

Philadelphia Airport Courtyard Marriott
Address: 8900 Bartram Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153
Distance from PHL: 2 miles
Phone: 215.365.2200
Daily Rate: $10.00

DoubleTree PHL Airport
Address: 4509 Island Ave
Distance from PHL: 2.7 miles
Phone: 215.365.4150
Daily Rate: $12.50

Wyndham Garden Hotel Philadelphia Airport
Address: 45 Industrial Highway, Essington, PA 19029
Distance from PHL: 2.3 miles
Phone: 610.521.2400
Daily Rate: $9.25

Microtel Inn & Suites
Address: 8840 Tinicum Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19153
Distance from PHL: 0.5 miles
Phone: 215.492.0700
Daily Rate: $17.00

Days Inn Philadelphia Airport
Address: 1300 Providence Avenue, Chester, PA 19013
Distance from PHL: 6 miles
Phone: 800.682.1082
Daily Rate: $14.00

Renaissance Philadelphia Airport Hotel
Address: 500 Stevens Drive, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania19113
Distance from PHL: 2 miles
Phone: 610.521.5900
Daily Rate: Minimum $50 for up to 7 Days ($15 per day after)


Philadelphia International Airport Parking Tips

– It is essential to make a note of that fact that there’s a height restriction of 6 feet in the terminal garages. If you have an oversized vehicle, you are welcome to park in the Economy Lot. If the visit is for less than 24 hours, you can use the Short-Term Parking at Terminals C, D, E, and F.

– You can feel free to call the airport parking contact number (215) 683-9842) if you need a jump-start, flat tire repair, lock-out service, or lost vehicle locators, as these services are complimentary and are provided by the Philadelphia Airport Parking.




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